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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Sign Champ: A Step-by-Step Process from Start to Finish

Updated: 5 days ago

Ever looked around your locker room, stadium, or team room and thought, "This place could use some serious spirit?" Yeah, us too. Your team pours its heart and soul into every game and practice, shouldn't their environment reflect that? That's where facility branding comes in.

We're not talking about an overhaul. We're talking about strategic signage that boosts morale, inspires achievement, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who walks through the door. And guess what? Here at Sign Champ, we specialize in branding!

Don't know how to start? Fret, no more. We have the step-by-step guide on how our process works.

Getting Started

Here at Sign Champ, we like to keep things simple. Our process begins with a site survey where a sales rep tours your facility with you to get an idea of your space, your vision, and your timeline. While touring your facility, the sales rep will offer ideas on where to put graphics, education you on the different signage options, discuss any potential for issues and take all necessary measurements. Following the survey, the sales rep will produce an itemized estimate for the customer to review and approved before moving to the next step. How do you get in touch? Contact us via email at, by phone at 281-297-8087 or submit a form on our website at

What's Next?

After the estimate has been approved, the graphic design team takes over. Sign Champ graphic designers will create custom artwork for your space based on your vision. Artwork proofs are shared with you to show exactly what the product will look like before anything goes into production. We want to make sure you're involved in every step of the process. When you're satisfied and confident that the artwork is consistent with your brand, a simple approval will move the project into the final steps of production followed by installation.

Bringing it all Together

Here comes the most exciting part of the whole process...bringing it to life! What was once an image on a computer screen, turns into a full scale work of art. The final step of the process is production which includes ordering, printing and assembling all materials specific to your design. After production is complete the final step is to install all graphics on site. The whole process from survey to installation could take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the scope.

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